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So, I’m not sure if it’s me or not but dating has become difficult for me. I feel like my significant other talks to me as if I’m a child or like I just don’t understand period & it’s getting to me badly. We’ve been dating for over 2yrs & I’ve been saying the same thing to her, that I don’t like how to delivers messages to me. She’s told me before I’m just sensitive but today it happened again & I didn’t mean to call her out of her name but I did. I guess I got overwhelmed this time around for me to even come at her the way I did. I apologized, but I want to know does anyone else have this same issue. Where it seems like your significant other just talks to you crazy & not knowing why?

@tailormade , having MS is a big burden to carry around and, unfortunately, our partners can't quite understand the impact that this can have on our lives. It is down to us to take this into consideration in order to avoid causing friction. Just accept that we can be sensitive and sometimes we just need some space to feel sorry for ourselves. But, keep these moments to yourself, rather than "rock the boat".


You talk about dating, but my other half and I have parted company after 43 years of marriage. Mr government didn't help but it was not all his fault, but we have never been so settled, he visits every other day (to walk our dogs) and is far more helpful and concerned than he used to be. Best thing we ever did, so there's a perspective from an old codger who has had the beast for at least 25 years (that I know of, but so many things fell into place going back to childhood) so think long and hard before making decision but in the end do what's right for YOU.😍l