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Has anyone on here any experience of this product please? It is continuously coming up on my newsfeed. Taopatch

They claim to have data and trials, get v offended when they are asked to elaborate. The fact is - I have accessed all the papers they quote - there is no real evidence at all. The conclusions are a real stretch. - After 26y of MS I can observe that fads are a regular thing. Many of the people who have had MS for a longer time can attest to things like Goat Serum, Bee Sting Therapy and the like. This is the latest. We are all desperate for a cure and are very susceptible to any suggestion that something will help. The only help this can possibly give is the placebo effect. - Here is it being marketed as a nano-technology (they decline to expand on what constitutes the nano part of this) for posture. https://www.taopatch.co/discover-tao-patch - Can you imagine a regulated medicine making such wild claims as this - "Taopatch will help you improve your equilibrium, mentally, emotionally and physically. If you want to experience the future of wellness, get your new Taopatch today. " - Give me your money, all your problems will be cured, your life will improve etc etc. Complete drivel. - Here you go! 28 patients, self assesing c. 1/2 with SPMS and 1/2 with RRMS (a bad idea because they manifest differently and in one study there is no baselining so the data is relative to start point which means that any apparent improvements could just as well be the variable nature of MS and not the two devices applied per patient) - http://documents.irevues.inist.fr/bitstream/handle/2042/70215/HEGEL_2019_2_4.pdf?sequence=1 - Things like this are so annoying because they are preying on vulnerability and our quite understandable desperation to 'try anything'. The is no proper science behind this. Hell, it hasn't even got a Wikipedia entry because they know they'd be crucified by real scientists calling them on the BS. - Save your money.


Stick Taopatch in the box after clicking the wee magnifying mirror glass.