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Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you find the cold affects you more having Ms? I never had a problem but recently if I even get the slightest but cold my fingers from my knuckle up go funny. I don't loose the feeling completely but they feel num and 'thick' if that makes sence x



@stacey_alexandra_slade , weird symptoms like this occur when the messages from those nerve endings are corrupted or blocked by the MS damage on your Central Nervous System (CNS). If the brain doesn't know what's going on at those nerve endings, it doesn't know hat response to make. Hence we get the types of feeling that you're experiencing.



Hi @stacey_alexandra_slade ! Yes, it makes me feel more stiff! Recently I have been having my ankle get so cold that it goes to my foot - just my left side. It's so weird but the cold can make me feel like it's harder to move but if it's too hot I feel like I am going to collapse on the floor. Such a weird thing! lol Try some cute gloves & cut out ones to keep your hands warm. :)



I’m really not good in the cold, I try to use a hot tub in the morning to loosen up, doesn’t always work but better than nothing.



I have sensitivity to cold surfaces and lately have been having spastacity reactions to cold. Can search under that...there was a discussion last week I think-



Yes my hands and feet become instantly useless in the cold which is unfortunate because I live in Canada and winters are brutal