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Coronavirus and distancing now

Hi everyone, I am in the UK and am due to travel for work this week. Tbh I don’t really want to, due to the measures I think will be in place in less than two weeks whereby the Govt says vulnerable people should stay at home - am thinking why not get ahead of the curve and start distancing myself from the general public now. Is anyone else thinking along these lines? Thanks in advance X



Travel? Within the uk? Internationally it is bonkers. I know people trying to get home. It is crazy. Cancelled flights, closing hotels. Apart from the health risk to you and others by travelling, just pause for thought regarding logistics for you! You don't want to get stuck somewhere.



Hi! Thanks for your reply :) Luckily the travel is to Birmingham and Cardiff, so I am not going internationally (that used to be my life so UK travel is very welcome)! I just don’t feel like I want to go anywhere but almost need the sense check to see if I am overreacting! If I can do my job from home, which I can, I’d like to start doing it now and self-isolate. Overreacting or being sensible - what you think?! 😀



Personally I don't think there is any harm in being ahead of the curve with SI especially if it isn't going to turn your world upside down to do it. I work in an acute hospital environment but am working non-clinically now (office based within an acute setting) - but I am feeling very edgy about when to pull the trigger on SI. I will have to make a decision based on the situation as it continues to unfold around me but I'm not wildly happy about it. If I was in your shoes I'd 100 % WFH and not travel. Good luck with your choice and best wishes x



The best thing to do now is WFH. It's better to be safe than sorry.



Thank you so much for your responses. :) Peter, I can imagine that is a difficult one. And I guess in our heart of hearts we will know what to do when the time comes Last night my employee phoned me feeling very anxious about going away with work This week because she has asthma. I cancelled her trip and said it’s not worth the stress and anxiety - maybe I should follow my own advice eh!! Carole, your plan sounds ideal. My Mum is recovering from lung cancer and has latent TB and has already been told to self-isolate. Good call for your Partner. Stay save everyone X



That was meant to say ‘stay safe’!



Indeed, I'm in the US where things are just kicking off. We are definitely clamping down and the schools in our state close on Wednesday and the local states are doing the same or are already closed. We are trying to shut it down early and fast. So glad I am not working and/or traveling right now. I am trying to stay clear so I can have my first full dose of Ocrevus in one month. We'll see!



@sarahcrawf , present advice is now "|essential travel only"|.



I have been considering self isolating for around a week now due to being on ocrevus. There has been some reports of an ocrevus patient in Australia who has caught the virus but doing okay, this has slightly calmed me down. However I still feel like it's inevitable that I'm going to be told to self isolate within the next week. I work in a conference centre and the only business we have left this week that hasn't cancelled yet is a conference for a 140 people, not something I want to expose myself to. If they cancel then we probably won't be going to work anyway, whether they pay us is another thing but health must take precedence. If you're in a position to self isolate and not lose out on income or suffer any dramatic changes to your life then I would say do it. Sorry for the essay lol!



Essential travel only is the advice FOR YOU not your gaffers business