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Anyone one here from Cumbria Uk?

Looking to see if anyone is from Cumbria Uk

Hi Ritchie, I'm from Cumbria too. I got diagnosed in 2012, been on tysabri since beginning of 2014. I also have the RR type..... I've just turned 49, married with 2 grandkids 😊


Hi Alison, I am from Barrow and was told 12 years ago I have this damm thing but life still goes on. I work full time in the yard and it’s only been in the last two years I have found it hard and getting harder. I am not on any treatment as I like a drink as it kills the pain and helps me sleep! That’s why they won’t put me on anymore treatment but I find it works best for me. Two things in my life that keep me going is my 4 year old lass and my two springer spaniels as I have earlier on in the year separated from my wife so I have had that challenge to deal with also. Hope you are well and keep positive as I find being positive about life is the key.