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Hi everyone, I'm just wondering is there anyone who suffered with depression before they got MS, I did and with MS depression on top it, just wondering how to cope ?

I wasnt actually with depression but was having counciling to get me to cope with what felt at the time too many difficult things. About the same time I got most if it back together again I got diagnosed with MS. Not the best end to a year. 1 year later I am in therapy again this time over me dealing with MS. On an intelligent level I accept everything that is happening to me. On another level I dont and so get angry, emotional, cry. I am now trying to deal with that response. Its difficult but to answer your question it is about facing it, not ducking away from it. I suppose its like you have to keep trying to overcome the physical aspects of MS you have to keep trying to overcome the mental aspects. Kev


Thanks Kev, I have been going to a clinical phycologist from the hospital. I have some PDST from my time in hospital. I was quite ill and in for a long time. It's just another bit of shit to put up with. Thanks for answering, hope you get on OK with your crap. Take care.