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Ms hug

Please can someone explain what an ms hug is like? Because I’m currently having weird pressure around my ribs on the right hand side and across my whole back like a ring. But only in the morning when it wakes me up and I can hardly move with the pain. It’s sometime hard to breath in and out too feels like I’ve got someone pushing down on my chest. Tried to get through to the docs on Friday but there was no chance of an appointment just in case it’s something else but could be a MS hug who knows.

Yes it sounds to me like the Ms hug the main thing and I know this is hard is not to stress out and get too worried about it stress causes it to get worse just relax and try to take it easy I've had the Ms hug now for over 30 years on and off in varying degrees I found that stress makes things worse and overdoing it as well just try to chill out and relax I know it's hard but don't worry


Certainly sounds like it could be a hug @RebeccaR07 I experience this a lot and mainly on my right side, which extends around my back too. It feels like pressure, as you're describing, and yes, if it's on your chest it can make it hard to breathe in. I've heard several cases whereby people have gone to A & E because they've been convinced they're having a heart attack. The pain can be that excruciating and quite frankly terrifying and especially so if it's a new experience to you. Taking painkillers can help and if you can, try some gentle stretching exercises. Movement can help. Triggers for me are stress and overdoing things but sometimes there's no obvious trigger and they simply just happen.