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Xray for Ocrevus?

Hello, i have a pre assessment on Monday to see if i'm suitable for Ocrevus. I was curious as to why they xray your chest?



@Ralee Hey, when I went into hospital they had to x-ray my chest due to covid? Probably the same reason!



Routine screening to rule out tuberculosis and other chest infections.



Hi I would guess it's to check your lungs as skyee said. I you look up the possible side affects of Ocrevus. I am going on to Tecfidera. The nurse sent me a big booklet on it. Which has a lot of info. I hope they do the same for Ocrevus patients.



interesting! Here in Canada they didn't X-ray my chest prior to starting ocrevus.



Maybe not an X-ray they did send u thru the MRI correct @Ralee?



@bettyarcher yeh that would make sense. @skyee again, that makes sense. @jamoranto, yup definately an xray, had my fair share of MRI's now lol. I just realised it might be because my bones are infused adamantium and I have these weird blades that pop out of my hands! Maybe they want to see it...