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Beyond muscle spasms

How do you know when the MS symptoms/pain are being caused/triggered by a secondary condition? I feel like my guts are being torn up from the inside; it's making it hard to eat/shit. Without questions or testing, the hospital says, 'That's just the MS.' Is anyone else experiencing this too? Is it just the MS?

Would help to know if your male/female. Could be gas, could be cramps, could be your appendix, could be constipation or any number of other things. If you really feel like your guts are being torn out, bravo for being able to type. I've been there and all I could do was scream.


I would be asking -" If I didn't have MS, what questions would you be asking and what tests would you do" - you are the 'client' !! It could be so many different things, including side effects from meds. As you have to pay for your healthcare in USA I think you should stand firm