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MS hug

Extremely painful MS hug (i’m assuming) I have had other things ruled out so it does seem likely it’s that, it’s painful and I’m struggling and it’s making me go insane. I can’t sleep or go anywhere because it’s constantly there, I’m vomiting too, any advice please?
Blackburn, United Kingdom

I’ve only occasionally had this, at least I think it’s been that! I can only describe it like an intense sharp stitch right across the top of my sides just below ribs which I’m lucky hasn’t lasted long, maybe 30 - 40 seconds. Have you asked your neuro team is there anything for it. I also take legitimate high strength CBD oil which I can only hope is helping…


I have found that my Ms hug lasted for over 20 odd years on and off the thing is not to get too stressed out about it I have found that CBD THC oil works really well you can get that at the sapphire clinic it's well worth looking up on the internet I found that my Ms hug is practically non-existence since I've been taken the thccbd oil it is well worth looking into it...