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Starting Tecfidera

Hi everyone, I am expecting to begin Tecfidera in the next few weeks. I've read the info booklet and spoken to the MS Nurse, and I've read through posts on Shift. I am going to buy some imodium and 75mg aspirin just in case of the diarrhoea and flushing, and I have regular painkillers which I guess would be okay if I get stomach pains, and I have antiemetics already. I have figured out when I need to take it so it's 12 hours between each tablet and I know it mentions food...I usually eat muesli or porridge at breakfast, would using a teaspoonful of Nutella in porridge, or peanut butter on toast, an egg on toast, be about right? I have read that Biotin can help if you experience hair loss/thinning, what is the dosage that people have found helpful for this? Is there anything else anyone who has started Tecfidera recommends I do to prepare? Is there anyone else using/starting Tecfidera who wants to chat more about their experiences? If anyone is looking for a buddy to experience it together feel free to message me :)

Hello there. I have been on Tec for seven months now and have been extremely lucky with no side effects. Right from the beginning though, I was rigid with timings and eating substantially. Porridge should be great with full fat milk. I used to have muesli in the morning and sometimes toast too. Leaving 12 hours between is great, but over time I've been able to experiment a bit and can leave as little as 6 or seven hours. Make sure you stick tightly to regular check ups. There are quite a few posts on here about Tec. Not sure how it works where you live, but mine get delivered to my door by a courier, it's all very exciting! Lots of luck. You!


Hi @vixen, thanks for that, it is encouraging to know it can be well tolerated and manageable, and I'm really glad for you that it is going well...I really hope I am the same! I am good at keeping to times so I will stick to it, and if the only change I really need to make is to buy full fat milk on occasion that isn't too bad!! Mine will also be delivered by courier service to my door, and they impressed upon me the importance of attending check ups as well - I am proactive and organised so I don't foresee that being a problem, fingers crossed! Thanks :)