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Starting Tecfidera

Hi everyone, I am expecting to begin Tecfidera in the next few weeks. I've read the info booklet and spoken to the MS Nurse, and I've read through posts on Shift. I am going to buy some imodium and 75mg aspirin just in case of the diarrhoea and flushing, and I have regular painkillers which I guess would be okay if I get stomach pains, and I have antiemetics already. I have figured out when I need to take it so it's 12 hours between each tablet and I know it mentions food...I usually eat muesli or porridge at breakfast, would using a teaspoonful of Nutella in porridge, or peanut butter on toast, an egg on toast, be about right? I have read that Biotin can help if you experience hair loss/thinning, what is the dosage that people have found helpful for this? Is there anything else anyone who has started Tecfidera recommends I do to prepare? Is there anyone else using/starting Tecfidera who wants to chat more about their experiences? If anyone is looking for a buddy to experience it together feel free to message me :)