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How long after having a video call appointment do you hear from PIP? Do they always tell you when they've received your application? Thanks.

PIP are taking a long time to do anything at the moment. They were already an incompetent setup to start with but man they have gotten worse over the last 2 years or so. I have been waiting for my annual review to be checked for over 8 months now. I'll be due for my next one before this one is even checked. My advice is keep bugging them. Phone or email or write a lot. And chase them up. Otherwise you get left behind. Sorry not trying to be the bearer of bad news. Just giving you an honest opinion on their customer service. Hope you get sorted soon. All the best


If by video appt you mean that you've had your assessment where they ask questions based on what you put on your form... if you gave a mobile number at the start, DWP usually text when they get the report back from the assessment provider. I think that you can phone up the PIP help line to request a copy of your assessment report which may give you an idea of where they have recommended points. The report is then looked at by a decision maker at DWP and I *think* this is supposed to be anything up to 8 weeks after the report.. @BULLMAN is this still about right do you know?