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MS hug

I’ve been experiencing the MS hug on and off for the last week. Does anyone have suggestions as to why it’s happening and how I can reduce the occurrence? It’s quite painful and hard to breathe.

Omg, yes. MS hugs can be brutal. A spasm medication like chlorpromazine works really well for relaxing your diaphragm. Also, STRETCH. My PT has used this diaphragm release and it helps a lot. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cg4PHpEj7UH/?igshid=Y2ZmNzg0YzQ=


Your diaphragm is spasming which is causing the painful/restricted breathing. Your diaphragm runs al the way around the bottom of your rib cage (front and back) so it feels like it’s got a good grip on you. Hope the above suggestions help and that you find relief.