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The root causes of MS?

Been dealing with MS for 3 years now. After some research I realized all modern medicine had to offer was "symptom management". My doctors weren't interested in what was causing my MS or curing it, only providing me with RX drugs to control symptoms. (and keep my drug dependent $$$) So I started researching my symptoms and the root causes of them, and found many people like myself doing the same... I firmly believe that undiagnosed chronic lyme disease( and its various co infections) to be the root of my symptoms, secondary issues would be fungal overgrowth and gut imbalance/permeability(leaky gut) and heavy metal toxicity as a result of chronic low grade inflammation. Tests for Lyme are extremely inaccurate, in Virginia when you are given a standard Elisa or Western blot test the doctors have to legally inform you that just because you test negative does not mean you don't have Lyme. The tests aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Lyme is everywhere in the U.S, it is sexually transmitted and passed from mother to child. You can have it for years and be relatively symptom free. Stress levels, lifestyle, and diet greatly influence your symptoms and progression... Fungal overgrowth and gut imbalance can be caused by antibiotic use, stress, poor diet, and alcohol or drug use and toxin exposure. The root of your immune system is in your gut, once your gut goes out balance and you get a yeast or fungal overgrowth than your intestines are wide open for all sorts of chronic infections. Your intestinal wall becomes "leaky" as a result of the infections and the inflammation resulting in undigested food matter making its way into your blood stream further inhibiting your immune system. Heavy metal toxicity in the body is the result of chronic inflammation from the infections and reduced glutathione levels from the over burdened system. Heavy metals are everywhere. In the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Major sources of mercury are silver (amalgam) fillings which are proven to leak mercury vapor that is inhaled round the clock, excessive fish consumption. Metals are also found in paint in older buildings and come from pollution in the environment. I highly encourage everyone to look into these things, we need to come together and demand our government change our health care stance. The problem is that the large pharmaceutical companies have lobbyists that basically buy our politicians and in return the politicians change laws and regulations in favor of these pharmaceutical companies. The CDC and FDA are in bed with Big Pharma. MS has been around for a LONG time and billions of dollars have been squandered by fraudulent research groups on immunosuppression drugs that just make us worse! It says that this page is run by people with MS, for people with MS so I hope my post won't be removed. I'm not a doctor, nor am I selling or endorsing any product or service. I'm providing an evidence based theory. I have made substantial progress in treating my MS by getting to the root causes and I'm hoping to help others with this info, do yourself a favor and look into the things I've mentioned and compare your symptoms. With the info I have provided it won't take you long to put the pieces together and connect the dots with your symptoms and their roots. I wish all of you well on your healing journey!