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So I've had this really odd tightness behind one of my knees that has really slowly crept in ? And I've just realised it must be spasticity after reading about it. Fun. It doesn't stop me moving at all and my walking is completely fine (for now touch wood) but I just wanted to know what is everyone's experience with this for those that have this symptom ? Does this mean the beginning of the end for my legs ? Or can it just be an angling symptom that is up and down ? This is my most feared symptom especially since I have two little ones, Anything I can do to help it? Thoughts always appreciated!!! Xx

Angling = ongoing


@lozwo, Have a read through this:- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/spasticity-and-spasms I'd look up the stretching exercises, to help you maintain your suppleness. :wink: