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Blurred vision

Has anyone experienced blurred vision? When I put my hand over on each eye I see clearly. I can't drive at the moment. I vape and have had to stop just in case it was that causing it,however I've had it before I vaped. I'm calling my doctors in the morning. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello Leticia, It happen to me in one relapse. It's a good thing to call your Doctor, they can help to realign the vision by the Time it come back to normal. My episode was about 10 Days when even watching the tv is a challenge. Hope everything goes back to normal soon for you 🙏


Hi there I too suffer from blurred vision which comes and goes. I am unsure if this is MS related or due to Diabetes (Type 2). When the blurred vision occurs I have problems watching tv, looking at things in the supermarket etc I have never mentioned this to anyone medical. @NatC can you explain 'Doctor can help to realign the vision by the Time it comes back to normal'?