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What kind of workouts should be done in the morning I do a lot of stretching and I do a lot of basic calisthetics but I'd like to know if there's anything else

@Kingnothing8106 - hi there - I am in England and use MS-UK web group for Exercise, Yoga and Mindfulness, all are Zoom classes and range through seated to standing. It helps me - I don’t like to go into gym, I use a wheelchair and don’t like the attention it attracts. I don’t know if Canada would offer similar.🍀


I go to the gym at my rowing club most mornings to do work on the erg and the odd weight session. Presently I have tweaked my back so am going to walk a 5 mile loop from my house. After 28y I would advocate that you do as much as you can as often as you can. Keep the beast at bay with regular exercise. My neurologist once told me that they thought I have done so - relatively- well as I have always had an active lifestyle. Use it or lose it I guess. Growing up on the West Coast of Canada definitely helped my outdoors activity mindset.