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Hi everyone I suffer terrible numbness in my legs and feet I was wondering if anyone else has this if so have you found a way to stop or ease it ? Mines just getting worse and I'm really struggling. Thanks kim.
Swindon Village, United Kingdom

I find that my sensory pain is much improved when I am doing water resistance exercises in a warm water therapy pool (usually at 93 degrees F.) Not sure if temperature has any effect on your lack of sensation. I just know that 93 degrees is my magic temperature. Might be worth trying if you have a local warm-pool…just to see if there is any change at all.


I really struggle with this too. Worse in mornings and intermittently fluctuates too. Affects my walking when it’s heavy. I’ve been off my pain meds too this week (carbamazepine) and the biggest difference was the numbness became a buzzing irritating pain that kept me awake every night. Back on pills now and noting difference already. By implication I recommend carbamazepine!