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Head fog/fog

I definitely experience brain fog but I also continually experience a feeling of pressure, both in my head and on my head. Very annoying. Does any body else experience this? I find it becomes worse when talking, in a noisey environment or if I, very occasionally, try and think!



I feel pressure pushing from my head to my foot on the left side and its maddening. Nothing alleviates it except good days when I notice its lighter for some reason.



@kateft I too have the mix of brain fog and immense pressure on and in my head. The pressure is mostly felt at the back of the head and my neck and shoulders. Had it since diagnosis, I have SPMS by the way. Would love to say there is something you can take to eleviate it but sadly not aware of anything, nor has the MS Nurse offered anything, just gets ignored or passed over to the next subject or symptom.



Same here! Brain fog and pressure on top of my head and the back



i had symptoms of pressure like my head being squeezed and was v fatigued during my last relapse a few months ago. It went eventually...was horrible though at the time..@kateft. Hope yours will too soon



Yes I get exactly the same