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Quick question for advice from the masses, how often do you get MRI'S if you have RRMS, just wondered if this was something I should expect annually or otherwise to check on stuff? Cheers advance for any helpful advice. .



I have had about one a year to check on where the MS has moved or spread to.



@ferryms , the NICE MS guidelines stipulate:- "Ensure all people with MS have a comprehensive review of all aspects of their care at least once a year." Now, whether this comprehensive review includes an MRI scan is open to debate. But, the only way to comprehensively review what's going on is to have a scan!



I'm in Southampton and I was told annually.



I was diagnosed 6 years ago & have only ever had 2 - once at diagnosis & I think the second was a year later! I'm about 30/40 miles from Southampton ? Xx



I was diagnosed almost 7years ago and have had 2 MRIscans so far. 1 when originally diagnosed and another last month.....my neurologist said he didn't think it was worth the stress it could cause on my body by sending me earlier for the second one. ( I had been a nervous wreck at the thoughts of it). I felt he was very personable and not pushy with me :-)



I think it should be at least one a year to monitor the disease. I pushed to get mine via the neurologist, but i guess it all comes down to cost. Seems that speaking up and chasing the system is the way forward for a lot of MS patients. I am treated in Newcastle upon Tyne.



I currently have one every six months as I am still showing disease activity. Once I'm showing some stability they will put me to once a year. I have had about 6 to 7 MRI's in under a year.



I got one at my diagnosis, another 6 months after and have been told now it's annually.



I've had them annually now, but a MS neurologist that attends my support group believes even that is too much. He argues that since there can be both damage the MRI doesn't see, and lesions that have no related symptoms, it isn't really all that helpful after diagnosis.



I've been told mine should be annually to allow the team to monitor my progression/any concerns, but i've had 3 or 4 already, and i was only diagnosed 2 years ago. the last one was intended to be my baseline for my current treatment though, so i suspect more are used when there's been a change in treatments.