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Hot and Cold

I'm struggling with a coping mechanism at the moment. We are just going into Autumn and already I am freezing; I feel like I am just sitting out in the snow in shorts and t-shirt. I put the heating on or wrap up but then it makes me feel really tired. I know this early on in the year its only going to get worse as the UK weather gets colder and colder. Does anyone else have sensitivity to both hot and cold? How do you manage it.....any tips.

Yes I get this... but I'm sure my 'tips' aren't worth much as you'll be doing them all already and are probably dealing with a more extreme form than I am - I wear layers so adjusting is easier (no need for complete change of clothing 6 times a day!), focus on extremities (hands, feet, head/neck) as they affect temp in the rest of the body hugely (e.g. before it gets to woolly gloves weather, I wear 6" wrist sweatbands to keep my hands warm, and usually some kind of thin scarf any time it's under about 20C, to keep cool draughts at bay), move when possible (wriggle toes and fingers, roll shoulders around, walk on the spot or 'march' in a chair, whatever you can manage), take time to warm hands on mugs with hot drinks in!, take ginger root capsules (supposedly good for internal heat as well as digestion and other things), etc. Nothing new there. Each one might not help a lot, but added together they do seem to help me a bit! If nothing else, they make me feel like I'm at least doing what I can, which is helpful mentally, even if it doesn't solve anything physically! :) Hope you find some relief soon.


@Tortoise thanks. I've started using a hot water bottle and so far that's helping 🤞