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MS Hug??

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I got this sensation around my waist. It started in my midback and moved self my entire stomach. It felt as if I was wearing a girdle and I couldn't get comfortable for awhile. Anyone else experience this or something similar? For me, I've only experienced the "ms hug" chest before. This was new.
Los Angeles, United States

@DoritoLover22 Hi, yes my first MS Hug experience was similar to yours, started in my Waist and lower back areas before working it's way to my Chest and Shoulders. I remember it being a very intense feeling, I felt a feeling of Dread and Doom like, the World around me was going to End, then it stopped and left me feeling very Fatigued. Only ever experienced it one other time but that one flew by, only lasted a few minutes.


Thank you for sharing!!