Why the MS Register is so important to u

I have a conflict of interest to declare: I am on the UK MS Register committee. - The MS Register here struggles to get more sign-ups. Everything you share is to further the cause of MS research. Your data is secured properly and never ever shared, outside of the anonymised research data. - The French- partly because of the fact that many pwMS have registered - have used the register to produce a meaningful judgement regarding MS and Covid-19. - https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/2020/06/mscovid19-french-registry-reports/ - You can either sign up or update your details (UK) here: https://ukmsregister.org/ - Everyone else with MS will benefit from a small amount of time, it will be b really appreciated. - More here: https://youtu.be/s10osAwugO0?list=PLVUOB-ZqvZOFdQKAX5Gv5q4IDVg9qNrGy