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A small victory for the UK MSers

Afternoon all. Some may have seen that I decided to take the Railcard folks to task as their website for Disabled Railcards was opaque and led to many with MS thinking they weren't entitled to a Disabled Persons Railcard. Good News - anyone that can show they have MS - a letter from your GP is fine - is entitled to a DPRC. End of story. If you have MS, you are entitled. Presently the website makes it sound like you aren't entitled unless you are in receipt of certain benefits. They agree this is misleading and have undertaken to change it. In the meantime, here is what to do - - have a scan/photo or the emailed attachment of your proof of MS - go to their website and use ANY of the categories (none of which sound remotely relevant at present) to apply and attach the proof and add a note that you have MS and are applying like this because at present there is no other way to do it - pay your £54 for a 3 year DPRC This entitles you AND one person accompanying you to 30% off rail fares at all times, including peak times. The Rail Ombudsman were v helpful in getting to the right person in the Rail Delivery Group and both MS Society and my MP have expressed an interest if they didn't come around, but they saw sense and have been very good about it. In future, the website will have a space for 'Any other qualifying condition' or similar. The final email is copied below:- >> Hello Dominic It was good to talk to you earlier. I can confirm that as discussed, we’ll make it clear on the website that if customers believe they might be eligible to contact us to discuss. Thank you for the feedback – its (sic) always gratefully received. Best regards Dominic Lund-Conlon Accessibility and Inclusion Manager |Customer Directorate |Rail Delivery Group << Best, Dominic