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Bladde issues are taking me down

starting to have lot of probolems and anxiety with it need help



Hi mate I had the same issue years ago when I wasn't diagnosed but it cleared up and hope it does for you. I've added you as a friend and how long have you been diagnosed? Take care Manny



I have bladder issue's I've been like it for a few years but only recently started taking a tablet for it. It's worse now because there's hardly any toilets open so before I go anywhere I have to make sure there's a toilet or before I go out make sure I don't have a drink..its a nightmare! if it doesn't get any better I'm going to ask about botox in my bladder as I don't fancy a catheter. Hope you get sorted.x



@dedra_henderson, seek a referral to Continency Services or Urology, to understand the exact problem and available treatment options.



I found wearing protection made me feel more confident this made things less of a worry and latch key incontenients isn't so bad at least your home.x