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Symptoms in Hot Weather

Anyone else's symptoms get worse in hot weather? My weak leg is even more wayward at the moment. Like all Brits, I moan about the weather, and now I'm not sure what to think now that some decent weather has arrived! Anyone have similar experiences? Or a way to cope with them - apart from going to the office in swimming trunks ...



Heck yea mate. Anything above 20 deg C and I start to wilt. 3 months till winter begins!



Yes, I find it very difficult when Summer decides to put in an appearance. 15 minutes in the sun can decimate me, so I try to avoid it. But, it's been said that you should try and keep your head cool. Google "mist fans". These are little hand held fans that can also blow some misted water your way. It might help. As would regularly splashing your face with cold water, as part of a toilet break. Hope this helps.



I think this is known as Uhthoff's Phenomenon Yep, hot weather is sadly a problem for making my foot drop worse(anything past 15 degrees seems enough) but this year I have realised that humidity is the absolute worst. BBC Weather pages give humidity figures and if it goes past 90% I try to sit down for the whole day. Sunshine slows me down but doesn't hurt as badly. Drink plenty of fluids (if bladder allows) and as above, splash face and neck with cold water. I still enjoy the sun on my face, just I'm wary about trying to go anywhere or do anything.



I've just been in north Spain, where it was 47 degrees yesterday! What was amazing was how quickly I recovered following brief retreats to an air conditioned area. 20 mins cooling down saw me functioning quite well for the next couple of hours - but on the occasions I couldn't do that the footdrop got worse and worse.



I'm in a right quandary. I've spent all weekend indoors except for some essential outings, which I tried to do before the sun made an appearance. Nonetheless, I'm weak. I'm back to work tomorrow and Access to Work have organised taxis for me, but I can't help thinking I won't be fit for work. I'd love to go off sick until it cools down - but then who wouldn't. Can one be off sick because it's too sunny? It's ridiculous to think that one's work should be dictated by the weather except of course our recent terrible winters. Any advice much appreciated.



If you went off sick, it wouldn't be because of the sunny weather. It would be because you are suffering from extreme MS fatigue, brought on by the hot weather! Are your work premises air-conditioned, as this would probably make you feel a lot better? So, just getting to and from work would be the only issue. Any concerns, have a word with your MS Nurse or GP.



Thanks Stumbler. I bit the bullet and went to work when it was still cool-ish and asked my manager first thing for a word. I explained my concerns, he was very understanding, asked if I felt comfortable telling my colleagues have MS and proceeded to make staffing adjustments accordingly. I should have been spending the afternoon at a different site, but a colleague covered it for me. I stayed put and got on with working a warm, but bearable environment. I think, not having seen weather like this since diagnosis, I was whittling a bit too much, but I'm glad I went in and didn't just "pull a sicky". Thanks again for your advice.



My foot drop and balance are bit out of whack at the moment, but my main thing is the increased fatigue: it just seems to take twice as long to get anything done, and longer to recover from even minor exertion. I've had to introduce a dose of caffeine in the form of ice coffee, mostly for that little extra kick when the modafinil just isn't enough.



I can't cope in this weather, absolutely nothing gets done!!! Manage to get to work and after that have no energy what so ever. Fatigue is difficult at the best of times without the added heat and humidity. I just can't wait to get in my car which has air conditioning. The miles I travel just to keep cool... lolz



I find regular cold baths a help, and proper hydration.



Heat can be a killer for me too. Cold showers, plenty of water, and as many fans as you have plugs for :)



Hi, I was on here at this hour just for this reason... to moan about the heat! I'm findIng I can't sleep because of the heat, feeling dizzy, really achy but I'm constantly fatigued yet can't sleep when I need to... I've actually found in the last few days this week that once I drag myself into work I'm ok because the aircon sorts me right out! I've had symptoms for two years or so but only recently diagnosed so this is my first summer with some explanation as to why I feel so lousy when I want to get out there and enjoy the weather. It's not going to ruin my summer though, I need to carry on and enjoy it while it lasts! :)



i went to the GP and he said my aches and pan, which have been getting MUCH worse even before the heat is to do with MS and are aggravated by heat, so its OFFICIAL. I too havent been out of the house in 2 weeks, which is crazy in this weather, but I just can't walk any distance..