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Hello all 🙋🏽‍♂️ The symptom that started my ms journey was nystagmus. It started subtle but now it’s become a problem for sure but I’m learning to deal with it. What are y’all’s experiences with vision issues?

@DannyEsteban Hello Danny. I see you are new in your journey with MS. You are fortunate that there are so many medications to choose from and if one doesn't work for you, there is another option. I'm a firm believer in not suffering any more than you have to - there are usually medications to alleviate symptoms. I have never talked to my doctor about the rapid eye movement I experience from time to time. I figured it might be MS but it goes away when I rest. I had optic neuritis in 2000 and went to the neurologist in 2001 after more than half a year of blurry and painful vision. One round of oral steroids got me on track. I had seen the neurologist five years before but they didn't have treatment options back then so he sent me away saying, "Come back when you can't take it anymore." Symptoms come and go but if you get on a treatment plan, you should be able to live a fairly normal life. Take care of yourself. Avoid sick people to stay healthy. Get your rest. Keep stress down and stay out of the heat. These are my triggers. Good luck!


This is how my MS journey started. The rest of the symptoms came after but mine did get better!