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Muscle Pain when lifting light items?

For some months I have been feeling as if my muscles in my lower arms are literally tearing when I lift objects…even relatively light objects like individual items of clothing, pots and pans in the kitchen, basically anything. I have had spasticity and MS tightness or cramping, but this truly feels like I’m damaging myself. I wouldn’t call it “weakness”, because I can still force myself to lift the item. But the sensation is weird. I also have a similar feeling in my calves. If this sounds familiar, did your doctor identify it as another MS symptom?
Akron, United States

This has just started in the last few days in my hands and wrists. No diagnosis yet so I'm just treating it as yet another sensory weirdness, but it does feel like I'm ripping a muscle every time. Cooking is tough - using both hands with heat protectors to lift even the smallest pan, kettle with small amount of water in etc., and still feeling like I've damaged something inside me. Glad to know it's not just me. Also for your sake sad to know it's not just me!


Thanks for sharing. After all this time I’m thinking about seeing a neuromuscular specialist. Not sure if this particular symptom is purely MS or some other autoimmune or similar issue. I wonder if I would still be feeling this even without MS. Well, I feel validated! This isn’t just me being overly sensitive. It truly feels like I’m hurting my muscles. I have read about fibromyalgia and various types of neuropathy. I would love to get a better sense of what is going on inside me. I hope you also get some good medical assessment and advice.