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Hi everyone, as MS is autoimmune disease I was wondering if anybody had tried diets which cut gluten, dairy and sugar. Just wondering what results people had had? Is it worth it. I have cleaned up my diet and was wondering if I should go further? Any experience, good or bad would be interesting. Thanks 🤩

Hey @Clary - I haven't eaten diary or eggs for coming up to 6 weeks now - I was reading how they cause inflammation & how we should avoid milk altogether - I returned to the gym soon as it opened to continue 5x5 weights etc so perhaps a combination but my pain levels have gone from 7/10 to 0/10- the difference is outstanding. Reducing LBs - I cut out all sugar including cordial - bought a BritaFilter so water tastes bliss on its own- I use intermediate fasting - only eating between 12pm-6pm and prepare batches of food from slimming world's free online menus - chicken curry/chilli/Thai curry etc that I stick in the freezer - easy healthy homemade ready meal :-)- my mental attitude is life style choices rather than diet - helps keep me going long term rather than temporary approach - Good luck hun xo


Thanks @Amy it sounds like you have nailed a really healthy lifestyle. I am glad to hear that your pain has reduced to nothing. Amazing 🤩. As well as being healthy it sounds like you have a positive mental attitude. Well done you, this is super encouraging. I am thinking of giving it a go. 🤞