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Can tooth ache trigger your ms.

I’ve had terrible toothache since last Friday, I e felt a bit off it all weekend. Today I woke up and my vision is bad. I feel very out of it and off balance. Could my toothache be causing these symptoms? Off to the dentist tomorrow :)

“Yes” is the short answer. If you had a raised temperature, this could mean a resurgence of MS symptoms. Toothache is not nice. New symptoms may mean an attack 🤷‍♀️. Your MS team should be able to help sort things out. Hope you are feeling better.


I had those kind of syptoms like 6 years ago when i get out a tooth that was still infected ,the dentist did made a mistake not controlling it well and did took out while was still infected , also i had your all syptoms and a really hard so hard headeache , i couldnt stay in a place ,i couldnt walk was the most painful headache pain i did ever experience