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Hi all i was just utubing about cannabis. how many of you if any smoke it and is it helpful?



@bonang1975 Hey I use medical cannibus but I take the oil and it's high concentrate CBD and almost no THC. If you're not sure the difference feel free to ask I can explain in details but it has worked wonder for my improvement in the last 8 months



@bonang1975 Slowed down in my mid 50's - quit smoking in my late 50's. Diagnosed when I was 60... No idea if this is relevant...



@bonang1975 , smoking isn't the best way of taking cannabis. As @freddygiguere alluded to, medical cannabis is preferable, as you know what you're getting. CBD Oil is becoming a favoured option.......



Hi I use cannabis high in cbd with a vaporizer it is amazing for pain,spasms and to help me get a good night sleep, if you get the cbd oil make it is Not below 10% otherwise it won't work.



Hi I smoke weed to help but it don't really help you just don't think that much about the ms it do relax you but my core goes very weak when I'm wasted lol. I just bought some hemp extract super critical 39.0% it's like a thick paste in a big plastic syringe so I'm going to try it tomorrow has anyone tried it if so could you please let me know how it went



Thanx all for the feed nack. Hope we can get it in australia soon!!!



I feel smoking it helps me get to sleep and to relax as i struggle really badly. I also use it to help with my appetite as I also suffer eating food. Everyone is diffrent in what they need it for. Certain compounds work for diffrent issues like cbd for pain but I find cbd isn't enough to help my issues. I also struggle sexually and find that smoking it brings my libido back with avengance lol.



I had a crack at it i see now what they mean about sorting out pain and helping us sleep i also found it sorted my Anxiety whitch was great, ill have to find out where to get the cannabis oil in australia cause i dont think its that easy, thanx again fot all your input ๐Ÿ‘



Thats a yes Yes YES , im a old stoner and use it and i feel it helps with the spasms in my legs !!! My doctor is aware soooooo yep ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸงคโœŒ