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MS hug

Hey all, it's been a while! Hope you're all keeping well. I think I have MS hug however, I've had it before and it felt different. So, before when I had it, it felt like a huge pressure around my chest area and this time, I'm experiencing like sudden sharp pains? It's really scary and I'm just looking for some reassurance that this has happened to someone else and I'm not having a heart attack??!
Cirencester, United Kingdom

I get that too. I hadn't really linked this with anything until I was diagnosed with MS. But I have had the symptom for years. I do get the pressure but it less of an obvious thing than the sharp pain. I get a sharp pain in the rib under my left breast, always in the same place, which gets worse as I breathe. When it happens I make my breaths realy shallow and slow until it goes away. I thought it was heart trouble at first too :-)


Betty, I’m not sure this will help because my chest pains and hyper sensitivity to any touch aren’t linked to the hug. But at least they prove that chest pains aren’t unusual with MS. Even a drop of water or a shirt touching my chest can be excruciating when it’s bad and I sometimes get deeper, sharper pains too. I also get the creeping, wriggling back pain we call “the worm”. A fair bit is linked to temperature changes and stress and the hour after a bath is pretty grim. I get the hug too but, like you are finding, it’s very gentle and friendly in comparison. I’m sorry something new has developed and really hope it stops for you.