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I've been having these intense afterimages for like two years now and I recently noticed that it has gotten worse, like if I stare at a white bucket under the sun for a while, I'll get the negative after image in my vision, is this also a symptom of MS please? I hope I get replies.

@ojomide , I'd consult an optician. They're able to look into the eye to see any potential nerve damage, e.g. optic Neuritis. It maybe that you need to consider tinted glasses, to remove the glare from bright objects. I'm sure a good optician can advise.


Hi there. I've been fortunate not to experience visual symptoms since being diagnosed this year. BUT I have noticed some stronger blips and the occasional after image. Problem is, how much is due to ageing, and also, am I more hyper-alert now I have a diagnosis? I'm not so sure but I do think there could be a correlation. ..