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Pain...erm... *down there*

Hi there, A bit of an awkward one, this. Does anyone suffer from pudendal neuralgia as a result of their MS? I've had it mildly a couple of times before, but the last couple of days it's been really painful. You know when you have the flu and you get that bruised skin feeling, where even your clothes touching your skin makes you want to swear like the proverbial sailor? That, all around the delicate parts you definitely don't want hurting like that, around to the tops of both thighs. And then if it wasn't enough to stop there, all down my right thigh, and then jumping to my right foot. I'm no stranger to neuralgia, but this really is an invasion! I already take 300mg pregabalin twice a day, and top up with 100mg gabapentin twice a day for my pre-existing neuralgia, so I'm quite well dosed. I'm trying cbd products, but find they make me nauseated and tired, so not ideal when fatigue is already a problem. I don't have kids, haven't suffered any great pelvic trauma, so I can't think of any direct reason why it strikes, other than our dear old MS.

Sadly a few years ago I had the opposite provlem, very warm and needing action and no one to do it for me, so don't be embarrassed, we all have to put up with strange symptoms😍


@tinpiskie, I've not heard of pudendal neuralgia. I see it is "a type of long-term (chronic) pelvic pain that originates from damage or irritation of the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve is one of the main nerves in the pelvis" . But, that is a questionable diagnosis if you have not suffered a pelvic trauma? As you have had MS for 8 years, it may be prudent to ask your MS Nurse to arrange a Neuro-physio assessment. MS can cause lower limb weakness, which we compensate for. However, this compensation may introduce bad practice in both posture and gait, which in turn puts unnatural pressure on muscles and joints. General sensory problems are symptomatic of MS. But should be controlled by your current medication. You may want to have your present treatment/dosage reviewed by your MS Nurse.