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Terbinafine fungal toenails and MS?

Hi, i hope today is a good ms day for anyone reading! there are a few eh!?! I have very stubborn fungal toe nail on my left foot, yes yuck, it's my dodgy side of the body and seems my foot possibly hasn't got good blood flow and hence the fungal infection is from the cuticle down rather than the normal nail tip up - apprently happens in people with immune system disorders. after trying everything topical i realised treatment needs to be internal, because of above, so have started an oral anti-fungal called terbinafine. it has various side effects. prescribed by dr. i'm wondering if anyone else has taken this and if it's - a: been effective long term in keeping toes healthy? b: not had any negative effect on their ms? many thanks in advance for anything you can offer. xx

@is0bel , there's a discussion here, even though it's not recent :- http://www.thisisms.com/forum/general-discussion-f1/topic15954.html


I had exactly the same problem, but in five toes out of ten. The Terbinafine didn't have any effect on my multiple sclerosis, but neither did it cure the fungal nails...