We call our team of volunteers ‘The Energy’.

Last year an amazing 209 people volunteered their time to help Shift.ms, putting in as many hours as two extra full-time employees. It really does all add up.

Our volunteers worked behind the scenes in a variety of roles including keeping our website safe and supportive, creating social media content, representing us at events, fundraising and spreading the word about what we do.


Without them, we simply wouldn’t exist. They’re truly awesome.



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I wanted to be an MS reporter mainly to help support newly diagnosed MSers and share as much information as possible on what they can expect from the condition as well as how to deal with the symptoms. From a more selfish perspective, I also wanted to learn from others MSers. It has been a great opportunity to meet and talk to other young people in my position, to moan about the tricky situations we go through and also to find the funny side of MS and have a laugh at our own expense!



I became an MS reporter because after I was diagnosed I spent a time (and rightly so) grieving and just focusing on the things I could not do anymore. One day a very inspirational gentleman came to speak at work and reminded me that there was so much more to me than the MS. Being an MS reporter meant I could do something positive with myself, and help people who were newly diagnosed. I would have been incredibly grateful to have someone positive offering support when I was first diagnosed. It can be a scary and lonely place. If I could be there for at least one person… and if I could make that small difference… yeah, I’ll be happy.


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