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Work – starting a business????


Just thought I would say hi and try to reach out to anyone who are successfully managing their MS and are fortunate to be their own boss.

I feel that I need to start to work for myself as whenever I have been in employment I seem to get unlucky and hit problems. Mainly down to having MS and getting time off for appointments, etc. I always seem to end up losing my job for some reason or another and it seems to be down to “having MS”. I know that by having MS we are “protected” but in my experience, employers seem to bend the rules and can get rid of you easy, if they want to.

It would be nice to hear what people do and how successful they have been.


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1 month ago

@underdog , there’s no reason why you can’t start your own business, Just try and manage your stress levels to avoid compromising your health.

1 month ago

Hey @underdog, well, the positive side-effect of the Covid crisis is the revelation that millions of people have managed to work from home, so that side of things is certainly becoming easier. What’s your line of work? Some job searches allow you to search specifically for ‘working from home’. Equally, it’s much easier to study or do training online too, so that could be an option. Good luck with everything. Your excellent name reminded me of this excellent song, is it your theme tune?

1 month ago

Hi @vixen

Tuuuuunnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!!!! (sorry) I was due to go and see Kasabian in Leicester tomorrow but because of bleedin Covid 19 it was another one of my gigs this month which has been cancelled. Don’t let me mention the cancelled Killers show, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Rag n Bone man and Sam Fender. This year/ month was going to be great but maybe that’s why i’m so bleeding down at the moment. Anyways…………………………

My current job is working within IT. I “used” to be very good at my job before multiple management buyouts, a forced move for myself into management, (which I have not enjoyed), the lack of customer facing work and a complete lack of training, have all amalgamated in deskilling me and demotivating me. I have come to terms with the fact that I have been in a very toxic environment at work and I am so unhappy that a complete change is required. If not, then I really do feel like I may go under.

As for what I want to do, I don’t know. I am (was) a fairly motivated person but my lack of confidence and what I feel “lack of skills” oh and MS flare ups, have somewhat limited my choices. I think I need to work for myself as I seem to have trust issues nowadays and from experience have seen some pretty shocking treatment of people, myself included! I have visions of working in a small team of people, laughing and joking, everybody happy with each other and really happy with what they do, enjoying life and eating pizza………….. any ideas are most welcome LOL

What is it that you do @vixen?

1 month ago

@underdog, gigs are going to be on the backburner I fear as they are synonymous with crushed up crowds. Last weekend, Absolute Radio did a stay-at-home festival in place of IOW festival, where they played best slots of various artists over the years, it was great. You can actually order stay at home wrist bands and lanyards from their website! There are lots of things with data management you could do if IT is your thing. I work in special needs education. As it’s management, I can quite easily work from home for the moment, and Zoom has made that even more possible. I know what you mean about the old confidence being knocked, it’s a really vicious side-effect of living with this condition. But hey, long live rock ‘n roll, at least we have that on our side!

1 month ago

Hi- I am also considering a new business venture in more digital photo book development, producing and printing. Kind of a hobby I have had for awhile but thinking it may be time to bring it mainstream.

In the past I have worked on the fringe of IT as a business systems analyst in ERP systems in big implementations but that is a lot of stress and a lot of hours. My last boss was so bad that I’m not sure I ever want to work for someone else again. I’m in the US so we don’t really have the same safety rails others do which we know can be cast aside regardless. I didn’t really dare disclose I had MS in that environment or I am convinced that any hope of decent projects or promotions would have disappeared.

I do know that I will have to watch the stress and the hours…but in accounting and systems the stress can be so much so I think it could only get better…I also have to watch out for health care as I have relied on an employer for that in the past. So much to consider…I totally get it.

For many years I was a consultant in the business analyst role and felt that was less stressful especially as I knew I could move to a different contract if the current environment or tasks didn’t suit. The pay was also quite good 😉 maybe there is a way to switch it up to get more hands-on and into the type of work you enjoy? Now with more companies accepting that work can be done remotely and willing to extend the current “WFH” to permanent arrangements there could be hope yet to do IT from home. Pushing on that as well-

Good luck!

1 month ago

I think MS ers should come together and set up their own businesses or partnership in which way they would understand the challenges be more understanding towards each other. Come together London MS ers and develop a business model that would work for you.

Good luck.

1 month ago

There is a gal trying to push a “Patients Getting Paid” concept in the US…I’m intrigued but haven’t jumped on board yet.

1 month ago

@underdog thanks for enlightening me.
Anyone on this that knows 3d design Computer design ie solidworks or SketchUp?
Best Jorge

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