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Work & MS.

Why is it when my MS leaves me tired and un-coordinated, is it that I’m ridiculously busy at work. It may be that being busy at work is affecting MS. Hmmm

Any advise on how to manage the situation ?

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7 months ago

Loads of sleep

7 months ago

Sounds easier said than done but, hows about giving up work?.

6 months ago

Sleep does help, and thanks to medication it is rarely a problem for me fortunately.

Regarding work, I really can’t begin to think about giving up yet. I have a family to support with a wife who is unable to work due to her own long term chronic health condition.

I don’t see giving up work as giving in to MS, more a case of managing the MS / life balance. However, I do have a life long habit of realising the blindingly obvious too late. So may well be back saying you were right all along @peterfrancis.

Looking forward to a weekend.๐Ÿ˜€

6 months ago

just breathe. do box breathing or inhale 3 seconds and exhale 4 seconds. do this 5 times and it will help

I have just had to give up my career as it was very busy and stressful. I’ve been off since march but I am starting some online courses (free) tochange my path. The courses I’m doing will enable me to find a part time non stressful role in something I love. I think everything for a reason. It is difficult giving up work because you feel defeated but health comes first. I was sick of being ill all the time.

6 months ago

I personally wouldn’t give up work whether I could afford to or not, working keeps the brain ticking not to mention my mental health healthy which is also helped with exercising and taking time out for me.
I work aswell as bringing up my munchkins and I’ve just started a uni course. Now I’m not saying this to put peeps down because what I do doesn’t necessarily work for others but I find having a focus helps with my MS. I combat the fatigue by having a nap where I can and just letting go of the small stuff, I just have to balance it right.

I guess for me it’s my outlook and the way I look at the MS, but balancing and having a focus often helps ๐Ÿ˜Š.

6 months ago

i never gave up work 16 yrs it keeps me going
when ms relapses stop they leave a svar in the brain sadly but for good
brain feeds on sleep
dont over stress at work take it easy step by step

6 months ago

I think once again, the words and messages expressed in this thread are indicative of how we are all individuals, with many differing approaches to dealing with MS.

Wish you all well and thanks for helping me gain a bit of perspective on things. It never fails to amaze me how just reaching out to others with MS can instantly break down the barriers that leave me feeling lonely and isolated whilst living with MS.

Lets hope for a good day for all.

6 months ago

I have the same problem I have a stressful very busy job work 3 days but end up working on my days off at home writing letter s chasing results etc I have 2 young children and Iโ€™m constantly tired and fatigued . My husband wonโ€™t let me give up work cos of the loss of my wages. I need to talk with my employers about reducing to 2 days but I know that will go down like a lead balloon. Hope you find a solution to your fatigue .

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