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Hi I’ve started to have involuntary twitching and in my left palm which leads down from my thumb .
It’s the weirdest visual thing you can see my skin move up and Down like a pulse motion it’s goes on repeatedly for about 10 min then stops no pain just an out of body feweling someone mentioned it could be muscle fasciculations then I read about mycclonus but it sound more like the faciculalarion theory xxxx

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10 months ago

@jen1973g , it could be either of those medical terms.

But, it seems to be nothing to worry about and can be expected with MS. Messages to and from our nerve endings can be corrupted when they pass over MS damage. The brain cannot therefore action the correct response leading to such symptoms.

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@jen1973g hello 👋🏼 I have been getting these twitches for about 6 months now, mainly on the back of my calves during a relapse which seem to have dampened down but I still get them if I’m tired or too warm. I noticed I started getting them on one of my feet recently and it’s really strange watching it! Apparently this is common, but never seen as a main symptom for MS (but then I guess it comes under spasticity) so don’t dive into the world of google it just gives you all sorts of stuff 🙄. Anyway, just wanted to say you’re not alone with this! 🙂 Emma x

10 months ago

Awww thankyou love 💕 xxx👍

10 months ago

@jen1973g Spasms and Spasticity are a couple of the fun symptoms of MS to manage. I started taking Gabapetin to help with nerve pain and then switched to the extended release Gralise which I think delivers more evenly and is only taken once a day. I take it a couple of hours before bedtime so it helps with sleeping too. It is not a narcotic and used for a lot of issues but my MS Neuro stresses – It is not an MS drug ;-0 I tell him that a lot of MS patients use it to control symptoms.

Since starting it in early Sept I haven’t had many spasms and spasticity is less. I am just now receiving the second dose of my first round of Octrevus. I feel myy gait and balance are getting better on this combination.

I’m also tightening up my diet now with less animal fats, very little gluten, etc. I take Mg and make sure to have enough calcium. I also take vitamin D twice a day. I go to a PT guy weekly and do my PT work out in the morning when I am at my best and stretch before bed and something active in the evening so at bedtime I sleep better. I also found the less time sitting in chair pose (legs bent at the knees and hanging) seems to help.

10 months ago

Thankyou for reply I’m going to hospital tomorrow il ask about what your doing for me👍👍

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