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Strange throat symptoms

Hi all,
Iv done a quick search on throat issues people have experienced but havnt found anything like my own issue at the moment – im hoping somebody might know what im talking about!
The passed few weeks, iv got what feels like a tightening in my throat. Its not there constantly, seems to come and go. The sensation in my throat and tongue doesn’t feel right either. Swallowing feels a little restricted but nothing major but the main issue is that when the tightening comes on, it triggers my gag reflex and i cant stop gagging! Its soooo embarrassing. People speak to me and I dare not open my mouth or il gag! Tonight its so bad i cant sleep!
Anyone had something similar?

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7 months ago

Only thing im thinking how long has this tighter thorat been going on ?? Weeks months did you see dr. For this is the thorat sore do you have a cough?? Fever if none of these ring true no fever no sore raw thorat!!! Lemon is helpful hot tea relax breath seriously talk to doctor thats what i would tell my kids water lemon tea for relaxing down time !!! Bless you

7 months ago

i suffered tight throat before starting my MS treatment i kept chocking even
still is a wee bit.

7 months ago

Thanks for your response @lisa_morgham
No sore throat/fever/cough.
The best way I can describe is the feeling right before getting a sore throat where your swallow feels a bit restricted or swollen even.
It started about a month a go but used to come and go, this last few days id say its there pretty much permanently.
I have a phone appointment on Wednesday with my MS nurse but in the meantime il definitely try some lemon tea.

7 months ago

@beky My neurologist referred me to a speech & swallowing therapist to help me.
It was a great help.

7 months ago

@beky , the symptom sounds like Dysphagia to me :-

7 months ago

I’m glad your doing what i recommended but seriously do not eat foods that are difficult to chew !!! Right now that would most likly choke you out !!! Avoid hard eat soft foods chicken Soup always good warm and easy on your thorat!!! Lemon is a alkaline yes its bitter but very good for thorat !!! Some singers use lemon to sweeten there thorat Helps voice box !!! Im happy your listening!!! Relax relax breath bless you 💦 always Lisa

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