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1 month ago

@david_watkinson_watinson , MS maybe our condition, but it affects our partners more than we know.

They sometimes don’t know what to do for the best. They don’t know what to say and they don’t know how to express themselves physically for fear of hurting us or causing discomfort.

But, you just have to be honest with each other and keep talking. A hug can always help.

Talking and a god hug are good suggestions

Tumbler, I think you are right. The other person wants to be around me and do things with me. I do know where I am coming from, I think I am being selfish.

1 month ago

@stumbler is right, talk and be honest

I know that he wants to see other people and thinks that I can accept this, because he says “well that is the way I am”. I am sick of him treating me like that. I still like him and think of leaving him but where do I go, just stay in this centre where I am well treated is the best answer I know but I will have to confront him about this subject the next time I see him.

1 month ago


Just say how you feel Hun, honesty is always best 😊

I am going to mention this to him next time I see him.

Still have not seen or heard from him. I am getting a little mad but he always says one thing but means another thing. To me he is just being selfish. I am having a good time in this centre

I am getting alone each day. I have hard time waking so use a cane, which helps a lot. Like MS team because I can talk with other who have MS. It helps to talk with others with MS.

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