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Restless legs

Hello again
Is there anyone suffering from Restless legs?
I am taking iron and magnesium vitamin D3
Magnesium oil. Almost everything available.
My lack of sleep has hot so bad that I have been given zopiclone to sleep. I’m just wondering if anyone has any other idea obviously I don’t want to be on sleeping tablets indefinitely.
Many thanks.

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11 months ago

@hilaryk0757 , You could ask your Doctor for a script for Amitriptyline.

This is often prescribed for neuropathic pain :-

It is also a mild anti-depressant and will also help you sleep. Just ensure that you take it no later than 12 hours before you intend to get up the next day. This avoids any drowsiness the next day.

11 months ago

You have 2 issues here that need to be addressed seperately I think.

When you say ‘restless leg’ what behaviour are you trying to describe ?

My feet ‘jump’ every now and then, usually when my legs are stretched out in front of me, that jump is a muscular spasm – or spasticity as the MS term is tragically named.

For Spasms I take a liquid Magensium supplement each morning – it works wonderfully

I have backup magnesium citrate table forms for when I’ve run out but they’re pretty crap and ineffective.

For the other problem – lack of sleep

For that – physical tiredness is the thing that works for me – not MS tired, bone tired from doing ‘stuff’ for me thats working each day, walking the dogs each day, pilates each week, making leams and just doing ‘stuff’ if I sit down its because I’ve done enough and I’m physically ready for sleep. The only thing I have to aid this is a glass of wine or a nice big G&T

11 months ago

taking Lyrica, Magnesium, Vit D, Iron infusions, Vit B12, and Restless legs relief. Won’t it be a fantastic day when researcher comes up with something, anything, to stop this. Feels like pins & needles, electric shock, muscle spasms, and legs feel like a ton of concrete on each of them’

Hope you get some relief tonight Hilary.

11 months ago

Hi Hilary,
I take a pill called pramipexole for restless legs and I would go nuts without it ! I do also take magnesium but on it’s own does not take away that sensation – hope that helps!

11 months ago

Giday hilary i take Baclofen for the restless legs and it seems to really help especialy at night while sleeping

11 months ago

Hi Hilary
I find that Magnesium Citrate Plus 700mg, 200 Vegetarian Capsules by NatureWise from Amazon has worked wonders for me and others suffering with restless legs. It may not work for you but worth a try. I take 2 a day and if I forget to take one in the evening I feel that difficult to describe restless leg thing coming on so it must be doing something.

11 months ago

i take baclofen and gaberpentin and that seems to work ok.

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