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10 months ago

Good grief, what one Earth have you been up to? I’ve had a very normal and boring day at work! I love you ‘Thief’ post. How are you feeling about life in general now?

10 months ago

Thanks for the comment on “The Thief”.
Every 4 years offshore workers undergo a refresher course of putting out fires, walking (or stumbling) around a smoke filled room, practicing CPR and getting out of a submrged upside down helicopter.
It’s one day versus 3 days if you go over 4 years.
Very difficult to let it lapse and mentally very difficult to accept the days are over for me to be going offshore, but I had paid for it so was going to try it.
After completing it, I would say that for an MSer, the extra hourly £ you may get is most definitely not worth it!
The thief has taken my energy but has left me some gifts, a sore back and legs.

Out of all the folk who said “never again”, my rendition was probably the most accurate as I know that in 4 years I will not go offshore again, wont go offshore now, but I paid for it. And pay for it I most deinately have done.

Had to put myself through it to confirm to myself that any future work will be onshore and hand the mantle of offshore over to others. Whilst I enjoy the work I can now accept that it is no longer for me, yes I am fortunate to still be working, but changing career plans is a hard one to accept.

I did it and the instructor said “ you have definitely got balls doing this with MS”. I’ll take that

10 months ago

Well @watsoncraig, I think you’ve done a tremendous thing, in showing that you’re actually still in control of your choices. Much better that way, than for at another time, forcing yourself through it and failing. I. Thinking about cutting back on work days. Not because I can’t manage working full time, but because I’m choosing not to this time, the thief has come away empty handed! Hope you have a good weekend and recover nicely…

10 months ago

It’s so hard giving up cool stuff due to MS. Good luck in this next chapter of your life!

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