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5 months ago

Hi @tracey_jameson_oleary and welcome.

Balance uses three of our senses, visual feedback, our balance mechanism in our ears and physical feedback for our lower limbs. So, you can see how MS can affect our balance.

Here’s an article on this MS problem :-

Do take note that not all problems are MS-related, so a trip to your Doctor may be in order too…..

5 months ago


Tracey – I am going to say yes… There are plenty of options as @stumbler mentioned.

But the #1 in my opinion is exercise according to your body; walk as much as possible stretching your leg muscles properly. For example – I walk like a drunk; this is not going to change so I accept that part. What I do now is walk differently with my legs placed further apart & my toes pointed slightly outwards – this still gets me from point A to point B.

I never mention MS; believe it or not, nobody cares. They care about themselves & our conversation… 😉

5 months ago

Physiotherapy might help a ljttle

5 months ago

I have been doing Yoga to regain my balance.

5 months ago

Pilates type exercises to strengthen your core, stomach muscles, info given by my physio. I have noticed a difference.

5 months ago



The only chance of your balance improving is if your MS allows it to do so.

Physio can help you out in maintaining and improving what balance sand co-ordination you currently have but, no guarantees of course.

5 months ago

[email protected]_jameson_olerary

I get off balance and my physical therepist said I was not walking correctly and he showed me how to. Here is a link to a utube video that shows you how to walk. He also said to start with your heels. I wouldn’t do the hands in pockets bit yet in case you fall. I find this helps, hope it helps you.

5 months ago

Sorry here is the address

5 months ago

I had a lot of balance problems but my physical therapist discovered that my right hamstring wasn’t firing. She gave me exercises to force certain muscle groups to wake up and start working again. The exercises have helped me immensely. I will never get my balance back as I once knew it – being able to walk without much thought. But there are ways to make it better, even though you have to think about it to make it happen.

5 months ago

@ tracy
Focus on walking. When you are walking don’t do anything else, don’t carry anything even don’t think about anything. Just focus on walking.

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