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Nursing on Tysabri

Hi everyone. I think what I’m asking might be quite niche but looking for any advice going.

So I’m on Tysabri, 3 so far, and I work as a nurse. I’m very much aware that I’m at greater risk of infection due to being immunocompromised but is there anyone out there in the same situation. I’ve been waiting to see occupational health just so I can know the exact do’s and dont’s but until that happens I’m being avoiding contact with viral infection and being more careful with the bacterial infected patients. This makes it so awkward at work when I get an admission and it turns out they potentially have something like meningitis and I have to back away and ask to be relocated. It definitely doesn’t make for an easy life at work when I’m trying not to broadcast my MS.
I have asked my MS nurse and she said just to be careful and even suggested taking time off work to adjust to Tysabri and the new diagnosis. The time off would drive me insane though and I love sleeping too much so without the need to go to work I’d probably never get out of bed lol.

Anyway sorry for the essay, just looking for another nurse or clinician with MS that knows how to safely manage working with the risks associated with being immunocompromised.

Thanks 🙂

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3 months ago

I am also a nurse and diagnosed this year so didn’t want to just read and not reply as I totally get your situation! I recently started Tecfidera and the risk of infection was one of my concerns but my MS nurse advised Tecfidera doesn’t really make you immunocompromised so I can’t really help with that part, her general advice was to make sure I’m up to date with my vaccines, have the flu jab every year etc.
I’m assuming you work on a ward, I wonder if you would consider changing to an outpatient setting or something like a day case unit or day surgery unit or even and elective surgical ward – you would be less likely to come into contact with infections in one of those environments. I understand that you may not want to change jobs though if you are working in an area you love – I wouldn’t want to! Occupational health are definitely the best people to speak with, they can advise on reasonable adjustments etc and can help facilitate a transfer to a different area if that’s what you decide you want to do.
I hope that you find a solution that works for you and that Tysabri works well for you!!
Happy to chat if you ever want to 🙂

1 month ago

Hi and sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you so much for the advice. Still waiting to hear from occupational health so just getting on with it at the moment. I work in an ICU, probably the worst place when avoiding infections and viruses but I really enjoy it. Going back to uni part time this year so at least itll be a bit less time clinical for a while. Thinking maybe next year I’ll see about a 9-5 post if I’m struggling. Too many decisions to make 🙈 hope all is well with you and thanks again. I was on nights pondering life when I posted, too much time to think 😂

1 month ago

Hiya, I’m on Tysabri and work in acute admissions. Truthfully I just don’t put myself in the firing line really. I’ve been to occupational health and my MS team gave me better advice. I have a slightly altered shift pattern to try to manage fatigue, no 12.5hr shifts. Being sensible I think is fundamental. The only virus I’ve caught was from my kids!

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