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New treatment and symptoms!

So 2017.. pretty sure it’s been an unforgettable year for us all. Some good and some bad. And for me? Well it’s been a mixture. I’m different mentality wise, that child like essence no longer exists. Lol, I feel a bit grown and mostly a switch of moods.
My treatment of 2 years – gilenya failed and showed a new Leison on my spine. My memory has been terrible.. so I’ve been put on a new treatment- tysabri. The first month was okay, I mean I cried before I went for my first infusion and the nurse had to console me. Lol, after that my 2nd infusion I ended up having a seizure attack, Alhumdulillah I had no damage from it, just a bitten tongue. Lol, come my 3rd infusion and after a few days I had another seizure attack. This attack was different. I had a near death experience from it, a&e and my family were all there witnessing me dead for 15-20 mins. By the grace of Allah swt he gave me a second chance.
I started ruqya ( islamic exorcism!) and yes as a Muslim I do believe that our lord created mankind and jinn (unseen!) some may call me crazy, but had I not witnessed people possessed and the unseen talking through them etc, I wouldn’t have believed. Anyhow, that was my journey back to islam. MS bought me closed to Allah swt and back to islam. I call myself a revert. Lol, anyhow I stopped tysabri for 3 months afterwards.. continued my islamic holistic treatment and I still am. But, as a Muslim Allah swt says to seek medicine when necessary as it is our sunnah. So, after thinking hard, I went back for my 4th infusion in January 2018.. so far I’ve been okay. Just been super moody, crying .. lol. Along with tysabri for the new seizure I was put on lamotrigine which caused a huge allergy reaction, so now I’m on Pregabalin. In’sha’allah that works positively for me.
Allah swt doesn’t punish us, we do this to ourselves. I learnt to follow the islamic monotheism- which is my quran ( words of Allah swt!) and sunnah ( lifestyle of our prophet Muhammad pbuh!) Alhumdulillah having a strong belief is key to curing the ailment of the heart. Seeing ruqya ( quran reading by a professional dedicated slave of Allah swt is a responsibility of every human. Muslim or non.) I know many may think “ she’s crazy, ms has got her head.” That’s totally okay, but if we can give conventional medicines a go, and put ourselves through so much pain, and trust the word of drs who don’t experience any of the pain we go through with each new medication. Then why not give Allah swt one try? Believer or non,just give Allah swt a go. Try the path and see for yourself, In’sha’allah Allah swt is the guider and heeds every heart. I pray Allah swt makes this ailment easy for each and every one of us whether they are Muslim or non, May Allah guide each heart to the truth, and grant us patience to endure the hardships in this world. Ameen!

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2 years ago

@sayhidoee it is a comfort to have a faith as we know there is a plan for us. It’s hard for some to understand how it feels to have this upliftment. Take care and God bless

2 years ago

@strictlysoca true words, that’s where we say, may god guide us all, Ameen. 🌹

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