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2 months ago

Hey Buff.
Your first infusion yes. You may be quite bored sitting in the chair for a few hours. Make sure ur bring good snacks and tasty fluids. Don’t forget your phone charger so u can relay your visit from the chair to here and tell me how u are doing. Stay safe buds

2 months ago

I completed my first Ocrevus infusion last week. All went fine. I’ve had no reactions other than feeling shattered for a few days after each dose and a little bit emotional after a couple of days which really isn’t like me at all! The first reply from jamoranto is spot on – take something to do to relieve the boredom. I took my own snacks and drinks but the MS nurses were great and I was supplied with cups of tea and lots of chat throughout the day! Good luck!

2 months ago

I completed my first 50% infusion on Friday. I took a laptop, earphones and charger, and streamed Netflix for a lot of the day as I was alone in the room (free Nhs internet available in this hospital). Also given water/tea/sandwich during the day. For my next 50% day I intend to take a large box of chocolates too – it might be the steroids that made me hungry for sugar. I had slight infusion reactions, which meant they had to slow the infusions down and stop them at times. It was not concerning but meant I was there for a longer day. The pre-med antihistimine (Piriton) made me very sleepy to begin, and I was shattered at the end – fine the next day though.

2 months ago

@queenbuffy I thoroughly recommend this Facebook group Ocrevus UK MS Support Group. They’re very friendly and supportive.

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