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MS is a struggle

Is it just be that struggles with the depression and not being able to be alone, i haven’t been this scared of having ms like i am nowadays and I’ve had it for 7 years. I recently relapsed and it caused me so many problems. No one understands i feel like they think I’m just constantly complaining.

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1 week ago

I felt exactly as you did last year. I went from being independent and loving my own company to feeling like I needed a constant companion and really didn’t want to leave the house. I started researching mini projects. Working out how I could feed my family on low effort healthy meals, I wrote very short stories and did word searches. It was really to try use my illness constructively. You’ll have to change your life style I’d imagine. Slow down and pace yourself. Have you seen your medical team since your relapse and looked at your medication?

@laura-forde I have started doing word searches to try take my mind off it. I struggled with depression and anxiety from when I was first diagnosed and I never had any support the whole way through the diagnosis only when I was 16. The depression and anxiety is better but sometimes it gets me down and it makes my ms so bad, the weather change isn’t helping, all my bones hurt and my feet are the worst so I’ve been using hot water bottle which is helping. I’ve seen a neurologist since my relapse and I’m having an mri on the 14th to see if the meds are helping but the relapse has seemed to have left some damage.

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It’s a monotonous graft sometimes. I have found change in temperature and damp weather really goes for my joints too. It’s good to share stories I have a couple of friends who have chronic health problems but will admit to being selective with who I share my honesty with. Had it up to here with bad stories from the past from people they really don’t help me. Get prepared for your appointment and note down your symptoms and worries always best to arrive armed

@laura-forde the mri Scan is only for a check up, I’ll go see the gp for the results and hopefully no new lesions

1 week ago

Laura, anytime you need a chat just call, is my monthly blog, the time get better and there are people ready to help, all my details are listed, yes I may be an old fart but a funny one and someone that understands, your never alone x

1 week ago

tatiana sorry, see blind too x

1 week ago

@tatiana_de_la_haye , arrange an appointment with your GP to discuss how you’re feeling.

Having MS can be a huge burden to carry around with us. We can therefore need some help to improve our mood and the way we feel. Yes, I’m talking about anti-depressants. They are not a sign of weakness. They can just take the edge of things for us.

I’ve been on them for some considerable time and I’m sure I’m not alone.

@stumbler anti depressants aren’t my kind of thing, I’ve tried them and they made me a lot worse but thank you for the advice.

1 week ago

@tatiana_de_la_haye Hi from the northern climes in the US/Wisconsin. We have just moved past our glorious and colorful fall into pre-winter where the cold can start to cramp me up.
This morning I felt a bit tight so immediately warmed up my rice bag (I just sewed up a little cotton bag and filled it with a pound of rice) in the microwave and took that back to bed to rest my feet on…then moved it to my lower back 😉 ahh…now I feel better. Now placed it on my lower back…nice.

Then I pulled up Roger’s blog- thanks @rogersouthall for a good good break and read. Thanks Roger for my mini trip to England. One place my ancestors came from and I would love to visit someday. Hopefully I find time to play piano a bit today and work more on getting my daughters scrapbook caught up as I need to before her graduation next spring. I will watch good/happy TV or movies and avoid stressful things like the news. Never good in the US lately it seems ;-(

If I need more positivity to the day I will reach out to a friend I haven’t been in contact with recently and find out how they have been. That always brings a smile to my face. I also just came across this article about slowing things down and being happy without being busy 😉 there is a lesson in that for me.

You can always reach out to me as well 😉 you will likely find me still up while your country sleeps as I am in the US. I was Dx when my daughter was 2 and she is 17 now…so for 15 years. This group will understand and have some suggestions for while the rest of the world, even the Drs sometimes, don’t totally get it 😉 You may also enjoy “Life of Seb” on You Tube

I learned something from about all of his videos but you may relate to #40 where he covered depression
He has some good observations and ideas in this one. This is one reason I started an MS diary as that idea was one of his good ones for me 😉 he has also promised some Yoga moves for MS as he is a Yoga master.

So- reach out to me and to us, we will understand 😉

1 week ago

itsmewithms, what a lovely message, please read the blog from the start and you will also see my private email address and I would welcome the chance to keep in touch.
Stay well, safe and warm x

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