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M&S Hug

Hi all
Last night my chest pain was so bad and frightening I thought I was having a heart attack I went to A&E was given the all clear.there was no tightness just waves of piercing pain could this have been the ms hug.
Thanks all

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2 years ago

@marydev , it sure sounds like it.

There’s some details of this symptom here :-

2 years ago

Thanks stumbler sounds about right the gift that just keeps on giving is MS

2 years ago

My MS hug felt more like a heart attack, I had it off and on one summer. I didn’t know I had MS. After I went to the doctor and my heart was in fine I didn’t worry about it so much. My GP told me I was drinking to much caffeine. Potter

2 years ago

I remember I had it when I was in Scotland I was fine in a Second I felt my chest bones shaking hands lol took a while till I thought its a heart attack took all my clothes off my bf was about to call ambulance but I read online thats MS hug so I stopped him. It was frightening didnt last longer than a night or two if I wasn’t mistaken

2 years ago

I’ve had this off and on pain for the past 2 months that feels like it’s right under my sternum. I googled sternum pain and ms and sure enough, up pops all these articles about ms hug. My understanding is that essentially all of the muscles between your ribs meet at the sternum. So, it makes sense that anywhere along the ribcage, you might experience the ms hug. I think it was totally misnamed though. Sounds like a nice, friendly experience. I the it should be renamed to the heart attack/boa constrictor squeeze of death.

2 years ago

I’ve had something similar a few times but my neuro said to him it sounded more like pain from the lesion on my spine than the hug, because it wasn’t a squeezing pain. It was, however, the worst searing, white-hot, excruciating pain I’ve had (and I’ve had a baby!) that was like a lasso around my abdomen. The 2nd time I had it it was only half-way around my abdomen, kept me up all night, I thought one of my organs was failing and went to urgent care after 12 hours of pain, only to have the doctor there tell me it sounded like nerve pain and then of course I thought “oh yeah… MS. Duh.” Talked to my neuro about that one too, he said that too sounded more like lesion pain than the hug. I guess the difference is the hug feels like squeezing. What I had was just super painful. I wasn’t aware that lesions can cause pain like that but apparently they can.

2 years ago

Yes mine definitely wasn’t squeezing it was sheer pain.

2 years ago

Hi, I’ve only ever had this twice and I never want to experience it again. It’s the worst pain ever.

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