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Managing work

Hello There,

Long time no speak. Or type in this case. I just wanted some advice on how to manage work and MS. I have really struggled the past couple of months with my MS and going back to work. I work in hospitality and have been lucky with furlough but also the place I work for has been super busy. However, I feel alone at work. There are some people who know but many don’t and my manager isn’t very accommodating. I don’t really know how to get her to understand what I am feeling and that when I do have symptoms it isn’t something that I can always work through.
I guess I am asking for advice on how to make her understand and how you guys have managed your MS in the workplace? Also if anyone on here does work in hospitality how do you cope when you get symptoms mid shift?

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1 week ago

@chloec , your Manager obviously needs to be introduced to the provision legislated in the Equality act 2010, as she may be breaking the law for your employers!

Are you able to have a confidential chat with your Human Resources Section and ask for an Occupational Health assessment. This may help your Manager to adopt a different attitude!

Once you remove the stress of this situation, you may well be better placed to handle the demands of the job.

1 week ago

Hi @chloec, yes definitely see if you can get an Occupational Health assessment. It’s also a great idea to be in a union if possible. Longer term, it might be that hospitality isn’t the best workplace to be, as it can be so demanding. I am probably older than you and work in a school environment, where I’ve been able to change my job to suit my needs somewhat which has really helped. Your workplace do, however, have a duty to support you, especially as you’ve been open with them about your condition. Good luck 🙂

1 week ago

Thanks @stumbler and @vixen. My only problem is, is that my manager would be the HR person as well!! But I might have to see about getting a health assessment. I just feel that even if I had that; it wouldn’t make a difference.!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

@chloec , I realise that this is a very difficult situation for you, which would be made so much easier if your boss was able to adopt a reasonable attitude.

The Equality act does decree that reasonable adjustments are made for you. You need to consider what changes would make your working life easier. Then you need to approach your boss and ask for these changes, which she legally has to consider.

There is an abridged version of the Equality Act here:-

Perhaps you could print it out and discuss it with your boss.

If you are still unable to reach a compromise then you’re looking at a case of constructive dismissal………

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